About us

Askmebet is the pioneer of E-Gaming in Thailand and the trend leader of E-Gaming industry in the ear that smart phones play more roles in daily life. Moreover, Askmebet still creates and develops products in E-Gaming world continuously.

Currently, there are 100,000 players using our E-Gaming network per day and this number will be increased by our strategies and plan on business expansion.

With abilities and professionalization of Askmebet, we can see the future of our development along with digital system completely. No matter what the future will be, persons who can firstly adjust themselves to meet with modernity will always take advantages. We believe that abilities and experiences of Askmebet will enable us to be developed further than our competitors. In addition, we are also enthusiastic to seek for some opportunities to create new products with our partners or other trading partners at all times.


1. The company is ready to support all employees or organizational personnel with knowledge and abilities to become the owners of their own businesses by being the partners with one another under financial support of the company.

2. The company supports employees and organizational personnel with loyalty towards the company only.

3. The company performs organizational administration through seniority system whereas seniors have to sacrifice at any time.

4. The company manages the operations through democracy and communism (Therefore, the company’s success is mainly based on the leader as occurred in China).

5. The company will be the leader of all employees in operating business and will provide the privilege to organizational personnel to hold the company’s shares only.


1. To become one of the leaders of software business and innovations that will be grown along with good society building.

2. To become one of the leaders of the best online game, E-Gaming software, and Live Streaming business that is accepted throughout the world, develop and upgrade online game platforms in Thailand to the world class level in order to build the pride of Thailand.

3. Strive to become the leader of information technology and communication in digital world for supporting new inventions that will be occurred in the future as well as to respond to demands of current lifestyle.

4. Realize on possibility and clarity of operations leading to actual practice by mainly considering on customers along with development of skills and knowledge of the company’s team to challenge our abilities and to be consistent with the tendency of the changing world in the future.

5. Strive to become the professional by providing care and services to valued customers attentively without stopping to develop products and create new promotions to respond to demands of customers continuously.


For customers

1. Develop quality programs and software for presenting through modern styles in order to satisfy customers.

2. Build responsibility for customers, develop services to be efficient and provide rapid services with polite words that is considered as the important thing to provide the ultimate satisfaction and impression to our customers for revisiting us continuously.

3. Create products through modern technologies for convenience, rapidity, modernity, and responding to demands of customers in all dimensions.

4. Develop online games continuously to obtained the most advanced online games to meet with lifestyle of current and future world as well as applying suggestions of customers to develop services.

5. Upgrade online mobile games to be comparable with PC games.

For shareholders

1. Build stability for shareholders by generating sustainable income.

2. Manage operations efficiently with explicit principles in order to increase turnover and provide returns equally.

3. Build our organization to be stable and grow sustainably to maintain the growth of our main business to achieve our goals.

4. Build confidence for shareholders, develop, and teach them new operations for gaining consecutive increased benefits and profits.

For society

1. Be the good model on the good organization for society.

2. Establish rules in order to prevent cheaters from fooling people.

For employees

1. Support and develop abilities of employees to be professional and provide them opportunities to show their efficiency and make them feel proud with themselves.

2. Foster organization awareness and make them to feel proud as a part of the organization.

3. Have professional operational system for improving the company’s efficiency and being ready to prove quality services.

4. Promote personnel to have abilities and quality for developing abilities of employees and associated companies.

5. Build better life by providing opportunities to employees in having their own businesses under the company’s support.


1. Create new styles of online games to be recognized and accepted by online game players throughout the world as well as Live streaming in Thailand and other countries in order to upgrade Thailand’s online games to international level.

2. Create modern online games that can be approached by new generations and old generations.

3. Become the leader of complete online game software and live streaming business with the largest market share.

4. Build reliability, satisfaction, and impression on providing services to all customers who select and trust our company with transparency and fairness.

Askmebet highly appeciates the importance of building a reliable relations between partners, associates and members. We are always open for productive collaboration in order to improve quality of our services. We deeply beleive that creating alliances with other companies will make the products better and the market stronger.