We are a team based in Thailand which develops online gambling solutions: Sportsbook, game slot and live casino. Our products have a modern user-friendly design, they are highly secure and effectively optimized for both mobile and desktop devices.

What we do


We create unique software such as management systems, online games, e-payment solutions, and database systems. Our solutions contribute to time saving and reducing the cost in the development of systems of any complexity.


We are able to deliver our ready-to-use solutions shortly once you select one. Just let us know your needs, and we will immediately provide you a solution which will make your business run smoothly and efficiently.


Since we have extensive experience in development of various e-gaming platforms and systems, we are pleased to provide consultancy on any matters free of charge.


Our Sportsbook is widely known by thousands of users and brings API supported by numerous gaming providers which allows our associates to manage the system easily and effectively. As for players, they always get the best rates in both Asian and European markets.


Slot Games

Askmebet impresses our customers through our variety of games that is over than 5,000 grams with exciting scenes and graphics giving more options for customers.


Live Casino

Live Casino System of Askmebet enables players to enjoy with the true experience of online casino fully at any time and any place. We have various options of live casino in order to respond to demands of all customers.



It is the modern online lottery that can be played at any place via Askmebet. We offer various types of lottery for our customers in various forms that have been developed and improved by us to meet with basic format of each country under different rules (because all countries have different rules on lottery from one another). In addition, we also have the Affiliate Program that we can confirm and guaranty on sustainability and appropriate speed to respond to demands on operations of all players and affiliates.